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Desktop 3D Ball will put a soccer ball on you desktop
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Desktop 3D Ball will put a soccer ball on you desktop. The ball will appear over any application you open, no matter if it is a browser, a word processor, or any other piece of software. You can kick that ball by hovering your mouse over it. The ball will move in the direction opposite to the mouse pointer's. It will bounce when it reaches a boundary of the screen.

Desktop 3D Ball includes a "Panic Key"-like feature: if your boss appears, you can click over the ball, and the program will close. The same occurs if the program detects that you are using an application in full screen. This is done to avoid using too many system resources. This program is just for helping you deal with boredom, kicking the ball all over the screen, without letting it fall. It has no other purpose.

The demonstration version will place a notice in the center of the screen telling you that this is a demo version, and offering a link to register the program and another one to visit a "money making" website. This window cannot be closed without closing the program, but will not appear over other windows. The ball, however, will.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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